Saturday Selection #3

Welcome to Saturday Selection–my bi-weekly roundup of interesting selections that I’ve found online. To avoid spending too much time online procrastinating, when I should be writing (!), I save all the interesting posts I find around the web and read them on Friday/Saturday afternoons.


  1. Todoist – The world’s most powerful to-do list
  2. 100% guaranteed method for dominating the first page of Google
  3. The Better Business Blogging E-Series
  4. How to use Einstein to write powerful sentences
  5. The 11 Ingredients of a Sizzling Book Description
  6. Boost it Tuesday – Book Blogger & Author Facebook Link up
  7. Ideas & Tips on what to send to your newsletter subscribers
  8. Self-Publishing in Spanish. Joanne Penn’s Tips for finding a Spanish Translator
  9. 3 Awesome Blogging Tools
  10. How to start a successful career as a freelancer

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