Saturday Selection #12

Welcome to the twelfth Saturday Selection, where I share my weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and entertaining articles online. Perfect reading for your coffee break. Enjoy!


  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Rule for Success
  2. How to market on Twitter like a boss
  3. 9 Questions to help outline your novel in 30 minutes
  4. The Da Vinci Code: De-coding plot-driven vs character-driven novels
  5. How to self-publish a hit on Amazon, the next gold rush of the web
  6. Popular gifts you’ll likely see this Christmas shopping season
  7. Don’t want to miss Black Friday? Eat early on Thanksgiving
  8. 40 Things you wish you knew before you started your blog
  9. The 8 essential tools that keep a social media agency humming
  10. Tax Issues don’t need to be taxing
  11. The best headlines for blogging


  1. Great links!! I love 40 things you wish you knew before you started your blog!


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