Friday Finds #11

Welcome to the eleventh Friday Finds, where I like to share my weekly roundup of favourite online articles. It’s hard to believe that it’s November already; Christmas is right around the corner…



  1. How one post got me to 10k unique visits and $200 per month
  2. What Katie Holmes plans to tell her many grandchildren one day
  3. Author book promotion sites
  4. Bookbub: Why price impacts sales more than you think
  5. Is Facebook dead? 5 reasons to ignore the hype and stake your claim
  6. 5 Top visual marketing tools for content marketing and social media branding
  7. 106 Hashtags for authors for the holiday season
  8. 6 Facebook status ideas you haven’t on your page yet
  9. Elder, older, eldest, oldest
  10. The Gift


  1. Great list, and hoping to check some of these links out tonight! Thanks, Joanne!

    • PS…just downloaded The Gift, and looking forward to reading it very soon!

      • Thank you, Marcia 😉 I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  2. Thanks Joanne for the feature, appreciate it!!


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